One Last Time MAG

By Anonymous

   One Last Time

Daytime evaporated and condensed
Into dark nocturnal dew
It clung to me like a second skin,
Like these tears to my heart. (What's left of it)
That night we sat in your sister's car
Behind the trailer in the parking lot
Near the laser testing lab.
Ah, things were simple then.
When you smiled, you meant it,
The glow spread over your face,
And hid your eyes in folds of laughter,
Your long, soft blonde hair fell over your
Broad shoulders, and you laughed when
I kissed your nose by accident.
I remember sitting on your lap
Tasting each tender kiss
As you held me - you meant it back then.
Now things are different. You feel my pain.
You don't kiss me anymore, and
I can't ever kiss your nose again,
Or climb into your lap,
Ask you to tell me a secret, or a story.
I know my smile doesn't fool you.
I see you shift in your seat
Staring hard at the fox that just ran
Across the hill.
Tension hangs like a hint of death.
You offer me some chew.
No, no, no, oh sweet love,
All I want is you.
You say you love my sister now
That's okay, she loves you too.
I just want you to be happy
Even if I am not.
Just know I still love you.
Yes, my love will never fade,
Like the thunder of your yellow car
As you drive my sister away
Out for another night of fun.
     Alone with her.
No, my love is not regretful
     or Angry
     nor Condemning.
I only long to hold and embrace you.

     Just One Last Time,
     Before I let you go.

by Anon., MA

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