loosing you

October 16, 2009
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I watched you fall
I watched you loose it all
I watched you cry and cry
Because she knows that you will soon die
The rate you are going it won’t be long
Until (well I hate to say it) you will be gone

But in the end she’ll be all right
Because she put up a fight
She knows, you think it is “prescription”
But really it’s only feeding the addiction
The pain, the suffering
Leaves her wondering
What happened? What went wrong?
You had so much, you were so strong.

I hope and I pray that you get through this
You might not think so but you will be missed
It’s an everyday battle
How could’ve you been so shallow
You had a family, a life to maintain
In all of this, just what do you think you have gained?
You see you son falling apart
For some reason the drugs have taken your heart
How does it make you feel to see him die?
When you go to sleep at night do you cry?

You have lost your daughter
STOP feeding the addiction, it will make you smarter
Your daughter see’s you dying
When you look into her eyes, can you not see her crying?
Why can’t you open your eyes?
Listen to all the helpless cries
You got what you wanted, not what you need
You never tried your best so you couldn’t succeed
If this goes on, we have to go
As you kill yourself we hurt too you know?
We all want to help you
But it takes two.

We watched you fall
We watched you loose it all
We watched you cry and cry
We don’t want to see you die
At the rate you are going it won’t be long
Because you are almost gone

Why can’t you go back to who you used to be?
Can you not see?
We are crying
You are dying

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