Jack MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Dedicated to John F. Kennedy

Johnny, we hardly knew you,
Even on your dying day.
The day the light you shone burned out,
you said you'd always stay.

Your vision grabbed us, we held on fast,
each searching for a clue,
We clung to hopes of sunny days,
and quiet skies of blue.

And while you died we could only watch,
clenched fists and awe-filled eyes,
The dreams that seemed so close to us,
escaping through silent cries.

Now that you're gone we still march on,
past your body and its forever flame,
Even though your soul is gone beyond our reach -
on to a place that has no name.

Your killer remains a faceless mask,
a mystery we'll never solve,
as we question truth and honesty,
which now seem to dissolve.

Now left behind, a soulless mass,
we look for a guiding light,
To ride off into the setting sun,
to that starry, starry night.

And as times go by and years go past,
we seem to be wearing thin,
And you only move further away,
taking the best we've ever been.

by M. G., Brockton, MA

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