October 16, 2009
By Lovebeingloved SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
Lovebeingloved SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
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We sit in the cabin of our space ship, waiting for take off. We roar out of Earth and go faster and faster, soaring above our well-known world. We slow down to a floating motion. The darkness engulfs our ship, making it all black. The only light is from the jeweled stars, shining like silver diamonds. We float in a beautiful silence, frustrated at the fact of not being able to explore the whole world existing beyond us.
Times up.
We must go back. We drift back into the darkness and then go faster and faster. We are back in our world now. We land and step onto solid ground. We breathe the air that was meant for us. Now we can look forward to going back to the world we have discovered.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in 5th grade in the middle of math class.=) There was a poster in our classroom of outerspace and the inspiration just struck.

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