Restless nights

October 16, 2009
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Restless nights

A longing for more leads me in pursuit of the one called Savior. Restless nights bring me to you, Oh my comforter. Please enlighten my Spirit and take away these insecurities. Oh how I toss and turn. Tell me oh heavenly one, who am I? My identity I know not. Too long have I established my identity in others. They have left me dry and thirsty. I am unknown to those who leave and to those who come. I am unknown to even myself. . .

I am your daughter. You are my Savior. Replace this emptiness within. For no other could give me what you do. You are my lover. Let me put my head against your chest to listen to your heart beat. I hear mountains tremble, and the earth submits to it's maker. Every beat authoritates life. I bask in the peace of it all. At last my souls is at ease. For I am one with my maker, and I submit. I now rest no longer troubled. I am His daughter, and He is my Savior.

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