"Could've Been..."

October 16, 2009
By Anonymous

As I think about my life and what I have and what I could’ve not had all I can do is smile.
I mean when I look at the world and all the struggles I see,
All I can think is it could’ve been me.
So many problems that people have, …
Make my problems look so small.
All the pain and sadness in the world,…
Make my problems not seem as if there problems at all.
My smile that I wear is something I’m thankful to have.
God gives us all smiles, it’s only our choice to laugh.
Be happy the way God made you who you are.
And God bless your circumstances. ..don’t wish you were someone else.
Believe in yourself that will take you far.
It’s not about where you came from that matters.
Imagine your someone great and act on it;
It’s not too late!
And the next time you say “I hate school”
Think of all the young girls who have no school to go to.
Or complain about you least favorite meal that your mom’s cooking tonight.
Just think of all the children who are praying for a meal every night.
The next time you starve yourself because your “too fat,”
Think of all the mother’s who don’t know where the next meal for their babies will be at.
Be thankful I’m telling you,
You’re so blessed love and live life.
You only live once so live it right.
Be happy your healthy and able to walk and talk and breathe and do what you love to do.
And remember next time you lay your head on your warm pillow at night dreaming the wonderful dreams that you do;
Just remember this one thing, … “it could’ve been you…. “

The author's comments:
"So many people in the world complain about issues but they dont realize how blessed they are."

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JackXD SILVER said...
on Jan. 27 2010 at 3:46 pm
JackXD SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
this may not be a quote but i really love the lyrics-Trust in me the way I trusted you I know we could have done this together If you believed in me like I believed in you My heart would be forever in your hands-all that remains-forever in your hands

really made me think its true that we may have blessings in life but at the momment sometimes they can just seem like they are actually curses sometimes really liked it!

check some of my stuff out too i think you would enjoy it


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