October 16, 2009
By jaimiek BRONZE, South Setauket, New York
jaimiek BRONZE, South Setauket, New York
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It could happen to you,
It could happen to me
It could happen on a bus or in a tree.

It could happen in New York, or in Montgomery.
It could happen if you are going or coming.

All of us are different,
Yet we are people just the same
But people are just people,
So what’s with all the blame?

I wish that I could tell you that hate will not last for long,
But, hate is forever
Then what is right and what is wrong?

We need a humble leader
Who likes us all the same
People are unhappy and people feel the shame.

I wish we could accept it,
The fact that we are not alike.
If love is universal
Then why do we have to fight?

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