Poets Or Seven Shades Of Black MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Poets or Seven Shades of Black
Poets are a rare breed: poets must be human, and humans are an
     endangered species.
Poets aRE g,iven To Be!ing arb;it?rary wiTh Th"eir pun(ct)uation,
Poets climb molehills because they are there
Poets expect a lot of the trees
Poets are like two-year-olds: they like to blow bubbles and chase
     butterflies, and they never stop asking "Why?"
Poets scream revolution in shopping malls
Poets wear rainbows in seven shades of black
Poets eat apples and drink coffee when Gouda is not available
Poets never say anything they don't mean, though they say lots of
     things that other people don't mean
Poets are martyred, forgotten, ignored, beaten out of submission,
     late for dinner
Poets eagerly rescue Damsels in Distress, not caring whether they
     are virgins or not
Poets slowly recognize the limitaitons of clouds
Poets do not come to terms with anything or anyone
Poets drink wine, ambrosia, and blood
Poets believe in the unbelievers

by A. B., Newmarket, NH

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