I Never Get Anything-- Except Food Stuck In My Teeth MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I Never Get Anything
- Except Food Stuck in My Teeth

And so, everyone is going to Homecoming;
but not me.
And all my friends are straight A students;
I'm average.
And I'm no one now that my best friend has a boyfriend;
he's got blue eyes, and is more interesting than me, I suppose.
And that really handsome guy I always see in the hall
hasn't smiled at me for a week;
and I make eye contact all the time.
And my mom is on my case because I'm getting a D in Spanish;
She's a Spanish teacher.
And we're reading this poem in English that I just don't get.
But that's not surprising
'Cause I never get anything,
except food stuck in my teeth.

by A. S., New City, NY

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