just a JOKE?

October 11, 2009
By , 511634, Afghanistan
well one day i walked into my new homeroom classroom and by the way, it was the 1st day.
so i sat down at my seat and about 15 minutes into class,
i had to blurt out and ask.
who's that boy who walked in to the room,
he's probably some new kid i would assume.
the teacher awnswered oh this is brian,
in my head sparks started flyin(i'm not lyin).
so i soon found out,
what he was all about.
1st i thought he's a jerk!
but would i still give him that name if he asked me out?(jerk)*
the next day,
he walked past me just to say.
so i replied,
from that moment on i could tell he knew,
that i liked him.
so soon me and him we're friends.
alot. and so then him and my bff went out! grrrrr was i mad!
but i wasn't mad about it!jkjk!
so he called her while i was over after they broke up and so what do ya know? i aperantly was his best friend! that's what he said so i litaraly asked her: am i dead?
she replied no. so i waited..........then he called back!
and said he liked me secretly! so i got all exited!!! 2 days later he said it was just a JOKE!
i cried my eyes out.
no suprize!

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