October 11, 2009
By , Clarkston, MI
Elliptical Machine

I see it…
As I walk down the stairs it sits in the dim light
A slightly worn, New Balance Elliptical Trainer
I grab a hold; its worn, grayish, grips are sticky like semi dry glue. I try to think of something else.
I select my settings, using the worn key pad, consisting of four tiny red buttons
A loud “Beeeeeeeeeep” alerts me that I have selected a setting, I can go with a 3,5,10,15,20,30,45 minute workout
I try to think of something else!
I choose the 10 minute option!
I begin and start rolling.
I begin to start sweating.
I begin to breath heavily.
I try to think of something else!
Before I know it, I am a few minutes in, my mouth tastes dry and parched like someone made me eat sand. I would like a cold water, gatorade, or a mountain dew…
The basement smells of mothballs musty furniture and cat litter I look ahead to look at the drywall and the broken slot machine, with dust and cobwebs surrounding it.
I try to think of something else as I keep on going, wile I struggle to keep a constant speed., I am almost half way done.

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