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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   As he got out of my car and made his silent goodbye,
the moonlight fell upon him,
Making his body visible in the darkness.
He went away like nothing.
Like the night didn't matter.
Like I didn't matter.
And as the distance between us increased,
there was a deep feeling that came over me
like the storm this June evening.
And mindless thoughts arose as he disappeared into the night,
escaping that rain.
Willingly, he gave a part of himself to me.
But selfishly, he took it away.
Willingly, he ran from me.
Leaving only his skateboard in the back seat of my car.
And selfishly,
I kept it.

by J. Y., Exeter, NH

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on Jun. 6 2009 at 8:56 pm
i personally tihnk this website is amazing it gives the young adaults a chance to put their poetry on line in a safe invirement i love the poetry here it inspires me to fullfil my dreams wich have been their since i was a child i hope you all become wondderful insperations in which i can see you all already are good luck and i hope to see more of youreautiful work.....jada p.s. you are all a huge inspireation to me thank you .


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