Peaceful Earth MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Peaceful Earth

The clouds so white
I look down through a crack
     Upon the beautiful Earth
      Everything is peaceful
      (From up here)
          Back on earth life is
           But for now up here everyt
           hing is calm
               The rivers carve patterns in the Ea
               rth's face while grass gives a gree
           nish glow to the Earth's surface I wish
     I had someone to share th
is with Why can't life really be like what
I see from up          Here Peace an
      d harmony ... AH But we are too stub
born ... The wind blowing through my hair and the
clouds pass (me) by as I (CRY) at this dy
          ing Earth. Such a beaut
     iful garden but oh so (full) of /weeds/
               But wait I see a flower.
     She is hidden among the weeds. So Beauti
ful ... so (loving)

by B. C., Roslindale, MA

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