Love of the Game

October 10, 2009
Bigger pictures can't compare when the lights turn on that night. Every friday, every week, love, hate, passion and dedication and so many other life lessons are learned. So many battles are won... and lost. Armies collide for 48 minutes of agony and bliss, intertwined into an ultimate feeling of adrenaline described by those who know it only as heaven. Two rivaling families of men step onto the 120 yard battlefield, knowing there can be only one victor. Characters are tested. Physical and mental strength keep both sides alive, relentlessly fighting back when challenged. The tiresome journey is far too much for some, but not for the soldiers who train all week, who dream of being under the lights, and who live for the feeling of not just pushing limits, but eliminating them, and giving every last breath to better the desired side of the scoreboard. The urge to give in and admit defeat is overwhelming, and yet the urge to be the best consistently prevails. Champions are never satisfied with anything less than total victory, and victory never comes from anything less than giving 100 percent, 100 percent of the time.

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