Mildred MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I was dragged to a nursing home one sad and lonely day
It wasvisitors' Sunday around the twenty-third of May
Looking kind of gloomy, I mademy way to the dip
Suddenly a cookie was shoved into my face, the kindwas
Looking down, this morsel extended from a shriveled arm
Connected wasa face that made you grin like a charm
For all the wrinkles were connected inone giant smile
It was quite the introduction; her name was MildredKyle
She looked at me holding the cookie and sheasked
     if I wanted abite
Not blinking she explained she had lost herdentures
     just the othernight
I took the cookie stunned, she just smiled and chatted on
Her lifewas happy, even though her family was all gone
I started to get interested, Isat and listened hard
She asked if it were my birthday for she hadmade
     a birthday card
Itold her it wasn't and she looked a little down
But oh, no, on that face therenever was a frown
Brightening fast, her wheels started to turn, in hermind
     a spark didignite
Putting the card in my hand, shesaid,
          "Youjust save it till it is, that's all right."
She took me to her room showing meevery nook and cranny
Zooming around the room like someone's overactivegranny
Soon my mom tracked me down and we bid a quick good-bye
She keptwaving her little hand, but thiswoman
     would notcry
Keeping herself busy with schemes, oh the time she spends
Just to havepeople like me to become her friends.

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