He and Her

October 9, 2009
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He Wants this one great person, and wonders what she would say,
if for no reason, he asked her out, upon this sunny day.

but one good reason he does have to take her out to play,
You see, this one girl he just might love, upon this shining day.

The second one he's ever had, the first to truly love.
For once and then forever, the only one he'll hold.

But he knows just what she'd say, a quick and simple "nope"
But regardless of this circumstance, he'll never give up hope.

He doesn't want her for her body, nor only for her eyes.
He just longs to hold her and to be there when she cries.

But though her eyes mean much to him, they could go and run.
He'd still love her for being her, when all is said and done.

He doesn't know what ails her, nor what happened in the past.
He just knows to care for her, and to make the good times last.

Maybe one day she'll tell him. Maybe one day he'll know.
But even she knows good and well that he will never go.

He doesn't run, he doesn't hide, he'll wait until the morn.
But just know that he will care and love for you for once and evermore.

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