October 9, 2009
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People walk by
Smiling their brightest
not once thinking that they will cry
when their heartstrings draw their tightest

Everyday people are cheerful
Living their lives, one and all
Hardly ever are they fearful
That around each corner they may fall

all things must have an end
this we know as fact
but each others hearts must we rend
through some unspoken pact?

but what is an end but a beginning
to a story being told
yes, a story, never ending
you are one of many folds

Yes, people are amazing
in more ways than one
They keep their fires burning
When it seems that all is done

even when all seems lost
you can keep your spirit roaring
that's when your natures at its best
determination, ever warring

against the end
that you think you've seen
it is just another bend
in life's ever changing scene

so smile, for yourself
so smile, just for friends
smile to preserve your sense of self
smile, because you can

the warmth of that single curve
can wipe a tear off any cheek
can lessen the stress on any nerve
renew the mind when things are bleak

it is no lie
some things must end
but someone's noose you do tie
if happiness you refuse to lend

so smile for things that must be lost
smile for those that might
smile for those that end in frost
because without them is eternal night

even small amounts can open the gate
to helping one person through their life
no more anger, no more hate
no more suffering through strife

smile for the strength of man
their spirits flaming bright
smile for those who never ran
and fought for what is right

so smile for things that must be lost
smile until your last
smile for everything around you
'cause really, lifes a blast!

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