She Plays Chess

October 8, 2009
By Anonymous

The king moves at a one step rate
And carries her into the shadows
He allows them to see her beautiful face
But never the fact that she knows
She subtly sits on the throne
As their praise adorns his pride
She chisels at his heart of stone
Only to find shared love has died
She alone is the true warrior;
Protecting with her poised bold moves
Inwardly the superior
Yet shown only when he approves
Her abilities outmatch his
An innate characteristic
His title bases who he is
He is innately simplistic
Despite desirable option
Her vow she forever respects
Though sans word she performs actions
Always loyal to her subjects
Forever a shield for her mate
Yet reluctant to put him in check
She moves at an alarming rate
Guarding him against near wreck
The king moves at a one step rate
As she shines through his silhouette
No longer sacrificed as bait
She plays chess and then she forgets

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