October 7, 2009
By , Vancouver, WA
Limerick: Throughout my life I have had many Heart breaks and many disappointments and let downs,
Time has changed and rearranged the real me who I see,
I have so much to be thankful for like my family and a meal to eat and a floor below my feet,
I am so sad because my dad and I have drifted apart and I don’t know if we will ever have a new start,
I am so sad but yet still so happy I have family but yet I cant seem to find me…

Haiku: The sun rises and the day begins,
The sun fades and the day ends,
A new day begins with an altered sun.

Sonnet: I wish I could remember the first day,
The first day that I lost track of who I was,
The first day that I strayed from my pack,
The first day that I acted out of my character,
I wish I could find my way back,
Find my way back to me,
I wish I could find who I use to be,
Sometimes there is a slight crack,
A crack where I can see through,
See through to me the real me,
Other days are darker,
Sometimes I look in the mirror and ask myself who is this stranger,
I wish I could find my way back,
Back to the real me the person I use to be.

Ballad: Lonely, fun, happy? I am a teen with self identity issue I have what seems to be like a good life
Some how I fit into the sad mad rebellious teen cliché
My family means the most to me and without them I couldn’t even imagine another day
My family is always there picking me up when I fall or crumble to the ground
My family are the people I want by my side till the day I die
My family has been there for me when love has kicked me around
Love has found its way to my heart and then shattered my heart and put me back at the very start
The pain I feel is probably cliché I have family pain just like anyone else
I have lost sight of the real me the one who I use to see so clearly
I use to know the real me inside and out without a doubt but now I can barely see through my disguise
I just want to find me the way I use to be Happy…

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