The orange Ferrari

October 9, 2009
By *Babygurl22* GOLD, Warsaw, Illinois
*Babygurl22* GOLD, Warsaw, Illinois
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The Orange Ferrari

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who was walking down the street. Then all of the sudden she saw something really tall. So she looked up. It was an orange Ferrari standing up walking toward the gas station.

She followed it and finally asked, “What are you doing? Cars can’t walk. Only humans and other animals can, but not cars. ”

The car said, “I am Bumble Bee. I am a robot made out of car parts. I ran out of gas and as you know cars run on gas.”

Then the girl said, “I’m only five years old. I didn’t know that cars run on gas. But will you give me a ride home?”

Then Bumble Bee said, “Of course little girl I will indeed give you a ride home. But are you sure your parents will let me sleep in your garage?”

“When did I say you would be able to sleep in my garage?” the little girl asked.

“You didn’t just. That’s part of the deal, If I give you a ride, you let me sleep in your garage. You can back out but you don’t get a ride,” Said the car.

“Fine. You can stay in my garage. If I weren’t so lazy, you wouldn’t be sleeping in my garage,” Said the girl.

“You’re not lazy. You’re a little girl who lives pretty far from here and you don’t want to walk that far. It’s totally understandable,” Said the car.

So the car gave the little girl a ride home and it’s been two years since they met and Bumble Bee still lives in her garage. Lucky for that little girl she never has to walk five miles to school again. The best thing that happened to that little girl had happened the day she had met The Orange Ferrari.

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It is very odd

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