September 28, 2009
In my land beyond all lids,
is a circus that will never end.
So come, one and all, I'm taking all bids,
and for the destroyed minds my circus shall mend.

Don't be shy. Please, let me see
and hear laughs that feed your joy,
that fuels my circus's jubilee;
the fun for every girl and boy.

My lion dances
My bears sing
While my acrobat prances
All this in my ring

And as my clowns twirl and spin and hop,
the elephants stomp and walk on two.
Of vibrant colors exploding with a POP!
Dont forget the firworks of red, green, and blue.

So come all ye children! Lets not await!
walk into my tent that to celebrate
the magic and mystery galore.
It'll leave you coming back for more.

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