Time to Reform

October 6, 2009
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Everyone's going around with this same old mentality
I take a look at reality and there's no originality
Surrounded by materiality and people's irrationality Can't discern the truth, everyone has a split personality

The disgrace is that we live in a superficial place Embodied by war, we're stuck in an arm's race
Can't see people's emotions through their blank poker face
But it's time to embrace that some thing we must replace

Like trading your blades for some better school grades
Maybe this way you wouldn't end up as maids
Over the decades you'll be faced with blockades But as your knowledge pervades you'll be the jack of all trades

Be different from others, don't follow the norm
Why should you swarm for need to conform
The more you learn, the better you perform
So inform yourself of the real facts, because it's time to reform

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