An Idea Or Thought Or Hope? MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I look at you from far away, and see such beauty,

I say, "What I wouldn't give to know her."

I now sit beside you, and the beauty changes to radiance,

I say, "What I wouldn't give to talk to her."

I now talk and joke with you daily, and the radiance changes to utter bewilderment,

I say, "what I wouldn't give to know her better."

I now go places and talk on the phone with her, and the utter bewilderment changes to sweet ardor,

I say, "What I wouldn't give to kiss those soft pink lips, what joy that would be."

I now have kissed her and the sweet ardor has changed to terrible love,

I say, "My God, what have I done? How don't I get hurt?"

I now have thoughts about that thought, and I still love her,

I say, "I'll risk it all to be hers."

I now am contented.

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