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   "We Are All Neighbors"

by M. M., Somerville, MA

I would like to tell about how my neighbors and friends came together for my family during a time of great tragedy.

On February 1, 1994, my stepfather died following an explosion almost a week before. He was 33. Although he was my stepfather, I grew to feel like I had known him all my life. He was also a stepfather to my brother Sean, who is 11. The worst part about his death, though, is that my sister Lara, who is 3, will never know her father firsthand. She will have to love him through stories she will hear about him and pictures she will see growing up.

The week my stepfather was in the hospital and the week he died were the two worst weeks of my family's life. I thank my friends and neighbors who showed and will show their support during this time of grief and also happiness that will follow.

A neighbor who has been a friend of my stepfather (and his family) had but only met my mother a few times, was great. Although she had a job, a husband, and three children, she thought nothing of having my sister stay there during the wakes and the funeral. My mother and she have since become good friends.

Another neighbor was a great help. When Ronnie was in the hospital, my mother was always with him. My neighbor watched my brother and sister and cooked for us when my mother wasn't home.

My friends have also been great. They understood what I was going through and put up with me when I was moody and they shared their sympathy for me and my family. Some neighbors who I hardly talked to before are now good friends, and I know that whenever they need it, I will be there for them.

We are all neighbors and we should treat each other with respect and kindness. You never know when just a common neighbor will become a good friend.

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This is really good! I like it flow and structures. Maybe you could comment my mine. However, teenink must made mistake cause this is in the poetry section.


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