October 6, 2009
She was lyaing in her bed on a stormy night, when her thoughts became full of fright.
What was that sound? her heart started to beat 'round and 'round.
She thought she had locked the door, was that a shadow on the floor?
Or was that a shadow on the wall? She picked up the phone to make a call.
That was when she realized her phone was dead, "What will happen to me?" she said.
The lightning struck, today had not been her luck.
The thunder clapped, in her room she was now trapped.
Thoughts were racing through her mind, what was the sound she would soon find?
"I Do not want to die like this," there was so much she would miss.
She heard a thud and it was getting closer, her mind was racing like a roller coaster.
The murderer was standing in her doorway, she yelled, "Please, go away!"
No one could her her scream; she hoped it was all a dream.
Her life was passing before her eyes, she did not get a chance to say goodbye.
"Go away!" was the last thing she said, the stormy night she lay in her bed.
Her friend stopped in the next day, with much news to say.
The door was open so she walked in, the house looked like a bear's den.
She walked into her friend's bedroom, when her eyes became full of doom.
Her body was not moving; she did not know what she should be doing.
She pulled out her cell, to her knees she weakly fell.
The ambulance and police arrived, she found out during the night her friend had died.
She began to cry, the only thing she could say was, "Why?"
Soon everyone had been told, all hearts had been turned cold.
A week had moved along, people were ready to sing a new song.
The funeral was set on a Sunday, in the church out by the bay.
All eye were filled with tears, how much they would miss her throughout the years.

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