She Sat Alone

October 6, 2009
By AlyssaLeanne09 BRONZE, Bryant, Indiana
AlyssaLeanne09 BRONZE, Bryant, Indiana
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All by herself she sat alone,
She cried to herself; she should have known

She’d been hurt many times before,
But this one really raised the score

Her feelings for him were so very strong,
She could not figure out where she had gone wrong

She thought this time was more than a game,
And she thought that he had felt the same

But once again, she was wrong,
His harsh words ringing through her head like a bitter love song

Piercing through her heart like a knife;
She wondered where she would ever go right in this life

Her friends had all seen it,
They had warned her before

But every time they told her,
She tried to love him even more

But then one day reality set in,
She found her heart being broken again

As she ran outside it began to rain;
And for a moment, it felt as if it would wash away all her pain

She fell to her knees and began to weep,
For all those broken promises he just could not keep

She thought of all the good times they had had,
But this only made her even more sad

Just looking into his eyes could give her new hope,
And now that she lost him, she didn’t know how she would cope

Her heart had been twisted, bend by bend;
She wasn’t quite sure if she would ever truly mend

All by herself she sat alone,
She cried to herself, she should have known

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