Day(The Judgement)

October 5, 2009
The sickening gets deeper as the happiness expires.
One month.
One day.
One year.
Mark it down as that day.
The day it is decided.
The day that everyone has left and it is only you.
The day that they are the past and you are the future.
So you must look to ahead to what's out there.
No looking back, you dug your own grave, now sleep in it!!!
Even still there is no room for regret.
But you feel it anyway.
It lingers about, it's everywhere, the regret.
The relationships gone berserk, because of bad decisions.
The emotions begging to come up for air, it's too late so you'll have to move on.
The foolishness so ever present, you don't appreciate what you have, till it's gone.
So it all comes down to this day, will you seek redemption or insanity?!

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