Solipsism MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


     The cold orange breezes of September bring tranquility
          and a Phair-y sings feminine rage
"Just relax," says the breeze "and enjoy the smells, enjoy."
               it speaks to me of laziness and intelligence
My brain wishes for my little American thoughts to reach
               International Personality
     Serbia Germany Bangladesh Vladivostok beautiful Saint Petersburg
          Cape Horn Los Angeles Francisco Brazil
                Paris New Orleans
"Just relax," says the brain "and enjoy the smells of life, enjoy intoxication."
                          I speak to me
               My My My I love the whole splendor of
laced memories bursting with bittersweet aura
Now I lay me down to rest
I pray the world my work to test
and if I die before I live
I pray the world my work to give
"Just relax and enjoy a ride that brings you from depth to shallowness
                         and the people between"
there are many there are few
               I speak to me

by D. M., Medway, MA

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