Pack Of Tossers MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   It's just the way things work out

no one really cares what you're on about

you can stand on a mountain and scream all by yourself

you can lock yourself up and never ask anyone for help

but you know, deep inside, that you've got to play the hand that you're dealt.

Never tell anyone that you're going till you're gone

if you don't believe in the concept of right you will know that you'll never be wrong.

No one'll remember, I'd be surprised if they ever say my name

they'll just look back in disdain

at the little bastard who never stopped playing his games.

You can laugh, you can sing, but you know it'll never by quite the same.

So you take another drag and hope that you never wake up

sit with a bunch of friends in a circle, worried about cotton mouth, so you brought a cup.

Dream of a better place where no one looks twice at you

think of a world where everything makes sense and there's no such thing as being "cool."

You've always been different so now you feel ripped off

by the jocks in disguise and the hairspray queens with marijuana coughs.

Being weird's "in" so cliques treat you like a sacred cow

Silly conformists, I've never been as dangerous as I am right now.

Student Government asks for my opinion on how alternative kids want to be treated

I tell them I haven't a clue, they all hate me just as much as you.

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