Midnight Awakening MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   My eyes peel open

Nothing but darkness

Until I overcome the force

And outlines begin to appear.

The ceiling fan still turned on

I try to count rotations

But can't.

Looking around the room

The team banners still in their places

Nothing has changed.

The door opens slowly

Letting the hall light peek into my room.

Carpet footsteps approach my bed slowly

The cat jumps onto the bed

Startling me for the moment.

His tranquil purr echoes around the room

As he rubs his cold, wet nose along my face.

Settling himself upon my pillow

Attempting to begin his night's rest

Keeping me company as I lay awake.

Looking around the room

Things still the same

Except the purring which has now stopped.

My eyes slowly close.

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