Admiration MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Don't put me on a pedestal

Maybe I'm afraid of heights, and


I don't deserve your respect.

My smile is too big and my

Words are too awkward.

I may appear enlightened but

I live in the dark, and yet

All that you see radiating from my frame

Is light, Light, LIGHT.

Maybe you should adjust your perception of


Or just take off those rose-colored glasses.

My life is not all

Parties and predicaments,

Fun and games,

Black and white.

I am complex and I deserve

To be misundersood,

Not marveled at.

So don't put me on a pedestal

When you're the one whose feet

Never touch the ground.

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laliel said...
on Jan. 30 2010 at 11:31 pm
Ha i love it good work


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