Heroine MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Sparse raindrops riding the weave

of my window screen.

Webs of wishes formed by the

droplets visiting me.

The fresh cut grass fills my room with that

familiar scent

Spring, when the weather changes

at the blink of an eye.

Five minutes and be sure of

transformed skies.

A want to vacate the stale air

filled room.

A need to experience the rain as it

tickles my face.

My eyes closed to the occasional


cried at some sad scene in the motion picture

called Life.

Sun peeks around the lone cloud, the curtain

in the sky,

the happy-ending waiting for whatever

tragedy to end.

Barefoot, grass sliding, squishing,

sticking against my toes.

I long to remain, to be the heroine

of Life.

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