Helping Hand

October 4, 2009
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into the ocean did she walk, the waves crashed down upon her warm yet smooth flesh. she loved it, she loved all of it. the sensation of being free, the thought of happiness and being at peace. regardless of her struggles. she enjoyed the fact where she is now and lived in the moment. sweet sweet woman. oh how i wish i was by your side. through the raising tides. even if our worlds shall never collide..all i need is your smile to get me by.

ignore the remorse or sorrow..just please take my hand in the hope of a new tomorrow.

i see her crying, sitting there. in a pool of sadness. the tears crash like fallen planes as they speed toward the dying ground we call earth. things run through her head. good and bad. memories of the life she once had fluttered her skull until she couldn't see past the thought of regret. her efforts were tainted with the doubt of herself. she bashed in her morale and continued to eat away at her very soul until she was once a dark dark cadaver of the young whithering rose.

the days rolled on, each footstep weighed down by all the insecurities of her pathetic esteem. she loathed her mother for trying to cheer her up. her overactive head would be filled with distaste and guilt.

i give her a hand to grab onto. to show her the way, to be her guiding light. someone she can follow without going astray. she learns to be there. in the world, without the thought of burning or going cold. she loves to live life, turns her back on the life less fulfilling and seeks the new opportunity that a change can hand you.

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