October 3, 2009
By Anonymous

This is the feeling that she makes me feel
And no matter what happens, I know it's real
It isn't simply one feeling, but many
And the causes may vary
From something small, like a kiss upon my cheek
Or the fact that I will spend time with her within the week

It happens when I first see her in the morning
And it happens when I call her and hear the phone ring
Because I know that I will soon hear her voice
Tho I'd rather be with her, if I had the choice
She makes me smile everyday
and makes my sorrows go away

When I even think of her
My heart beats a little faster
Of course she is always on my mind
Because she is Smart, Beautiful,and Kind
These things she is, and so much more
She makes me feel more love and happiness
than I can account for

These words I write for you, my love
Of all the others, I place you above
Even though we live miles apart
I want you to know, you will always have my heart
And until the end of my days
I love you my dear, Forever and Always.

The author's comments:
Just something i threw together for my wonderful girl.

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