October 2, 2009
By , St.Louis, MO
Mother, why do have to make my bed?
Why do I have to go to slept so earlier its only eleven o’ clock? Yes, I know it’s a school night but why?
Do I have to do the dishes? But can my sister do ‘em.
What happened to my freedom? Can’t I eat pizza, cupcakes, and pineapple juice without getting sick?
Why is life so-? MOM, are you even listening to me, stop dosing off?!
Mother can I borrow some money? Thanks and some money for snacks? Thank you.
Where’s my sister? How am I supposed to know?
Mom, did you cook dinner? Well it’s not in here. Go to the store? WHAT?!
Mother please let me get a new cell PLESE?! I promise I won’t text at least I think I won’t? But I love you.
Mother, who is Columbus? Ask my history teacher? But he’s boring.
Mom, Mama, Ma, Mommy, MOTHER when will there be a day when you don’t need them?

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