He's the one.

October 1, 2009
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So, I was searching, I was waiting but I didn't think I would find
That perfect, amazing guy that is one of a kind
I didn't think he would ever come along
Felt like I was waiting for oh so long
Then when I started to feel like I was falling back down
That's when he finally came around
He picked me back up & taught me how to smile
And promised me that he's gonna be around for quite a while
When I'm around him, I'm not afraid to be me
He shows me so much care, I never thought that this could be
I'm so happy when we're together, just knowing that he's mine
When I'm around him, the sun always seems to shine
He makes me feel beautiful & treats me like gold
And his hand I hope to forever hold
I want him to know that I really do care
And that I wouldn't know what to do if he wasn't there
I've been waiting around forever for this day to come
The day that I would be able to say that he's the one.. <3

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