What's Left?

October 1, 2009
By VickyLynn SILVER, Burlington, Other
VickyLynn SILVER, Burlington, Other
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Favorite Quote:
she's standing on a line
between giving up and seeing
how much more she can take.

This Poem is written, not to complain,
But written for me so that I don't go insane.
Stuff is hard now, and always was;
I know I have anxiety when I start to buzz.
I get scared and I start to lose my breath,
This happens when I feel like I have nothing left.
I shake a lot and start to cry,
And then I just want to give up and never again try.
My eyes get tired and I just want to snooze;
Or maybe even relapse by drinking the booze.
I always feel lost and I just want to run away,
But when I think those things I stop and to myself I say:
"This poem is written, not to complain,
But written for me because I am not insane.
I'll be alright, I always was,
I didn't make it this far 'just because'.
When I think about happiness, I lose my breath;
Then I ask myself curiously, 'What's Left'?
I will get sad, but I won't be afraid to cry,
I want to be happy, so i'll give life a try.
I have to take one step at a time, so I put on my shoes,
There is no way I am ever going to lose.
I must work through any problams and never run away,
So this is all I am left with to say;
What's left? I say to me,
There's places to go, tons that I can be.
So I will not, ever, give up on myself;
I'm gonna have the family, love and wealth.
Life is too short to be stressed,
So I must live my life to the best."

The author's comments:
This poem is one of my favorites that I've written ever. If anything inspired me to write this piece, it would be myself. The things that I go through sometimes is hard, so I wrote it for myself. Because I am very important, and my poetry is what helps me keep my head up and helps me hold on to my Hope & Faith.
When people read this poem, I want them to feel like they should never give up on themselves, no matter how bad life might seem and no matter what they go through. You can make it through anything if you just believe in yourself. Believe that things are good, and always was, and they will be.

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