the summer i wasnt me

October 1, 2009
By Anonymous

on the school bus i dont know,
yes school was almost over,i stared plannin for our summer together
people were talkn loud i couldnt think i only thought bout him

she wasnt there and nethier was her sister
i didnt think anything was wrong

i hadnt seen him since april,bc he dont attend school is why
then they tell me what happen
is it true,NO NO it cant be

couple weeks pass and he still there
getting no better

im not eatin,we're both dyin
the light on the lightpole goes out

i know something bad is gonna happen
i run really fast,tears rolling down my face
im screaming NO NO,running to our favorite place

i get the call the next morning
i couldnt believe it i didnt get to say goodbye

he was only 17,had so much going for him
i was only 13 and crushed forever
now the crosses stand at the bridge
ribbons hang there too
the wind blows and in my heart
i know its him,showng friends and the ones he loved he is still here

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