The End through a Lens

October 1, 2009
By Anonymous


it quickly fades into the scene of swarming people

You can see the Panic that shows on their faces

as they push their way through the crowds.

everybody all seems so unware of their selfishness

as they shove each other trying to save themselves

And i see this all through a lens

the shutter clicks every single second away.

its like an old movie being watched


sad to say

but i would lable it a tragic comedy

and the film keeps going...

I pull away the camera

and the black and white turns to blury pieces of motion

a fast paced flip book

movement after movement

Footstep after footstep

and i can hear the flim still rolling.

I climb out of the tree that i occupied

and start to walk towards the commotion.

away from the danger

But i cant help but to look back

and there i see it.







the end was coming


and the film stops rolling

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