Zombie Love

October 1, 2009
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Everything within me
is screaming run away..
But how can i run away
when the person i love most
is the one chasing after me.

I cant yell
i can't scream
I only can breathe deeply
as he makes his way slowly towards me

his legs are bending
body contorted

disheveling the face i once knew so well


I watch in terror
as eyes pop out of their sockets
falling into the pile
of hot sticky bubbling blood

which proceeds before
a massive gurgle of noises
that i cant even describe

What do i do?
In a time of fear..
and struggle?

Theres no place to hide
no were to run
just a desolate alleyway
avoiding the spotlight
hiding beneath the moon.
I guess you could say time moved so fast
that every moment
moved so slowly

As my Soulless corpse
my necroambulist lover
prepares to devour me
with his own hands
and tongue

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