Two People, Similar Needs

October 1, 2009
By Anonymous

I’m the type of girl who keeps quiet in front of the laughing crowd. I hate being a loner but sometimes I like my own company. I hate crying and looking pathetic in others eyes. I just don’t like sharing personal things with other people. Whenever I’m deeply hurt I run up to my room then quietly cry my eyes out without anyone knowing it. It feels like my parents only cares about my grades. They want me to have a good career but they don’t know how much pressure they are putting on my shoulders. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m actually their daughter. I suppose, I should be thankful to have parents like them but they act as if I’m a trap bird and they are the ones holding my freedom. I study really hard to receive that special smile from my parents and teachers. But I just can’t achieve that. People admire me for being dedicated and hardworking but to be honest; sometimes I feel like a different person, completely opposite to what I just describe. This different person loves being in the limelight, showing off and laughing out loud in front of others, not bother even a bit about the glances and the hurtful remarks made by others. She breaks all the rules in school then just laughs it off. She’s not scared of anybody even if she gets in serious trouble. Sometimes to top it all, she uses violence to others but you know what? The only similar thing to this person and me is we cry, we break down easily and more importantly we need someone who can lend their hand to support us and lead us out of the darkness.

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