Mirage This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.


Walking through the desert

My feet sink into the sand

Endlessly struggling

Constantly fighting

I continue to make my way

Thirsty, so very thirsty

I ache, hunger, and lust for water

For the one thing that will quench

My undying thirst

Looking ahead

A spring appears before me

The water of life

Flowing endlessly, crystal clear

Invitingly cool to the touch

I pause for a moment


Afraid of what I know not

Afraid of the future

I cannot foretell

Closing my eyes and breathing deeply

I wonder

Will the sight I see

Be there still

When I open my eyes

Is it a mirage?

A figment of my imagination?

Too ethereal to be real?

Or is it solid, concrete, and true?

I've wondered endlessly

To no avail

Powerless to determine the truth

Within my mind

Needing verification

Proof of the sight I held

Within my eyes

I feared its disappearance

From my life

Feared until I learned

That fear is for the ignorant

And doubt for the cynical

I reached my hand out

Seizing my courage

I reached my heart out

Seizing my vision

My hand met the water

Its coolness warring with the heat of my hand

Caressing my hand

Bouncing off my flesh

Cascading through my fingertips

I gather a handful of my water

And angle it toward my mouth

Inhaling its fragrance

I drink, the fruit of my yearning

Its coolness quells my fears

Restores my parched throat

Cleanses my insides

And casts all fears aside

I now know the gentleness of the water

The magic of life

I believe in the water

In the water

That saved my life

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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