Powerful Injustice

September 30, 2009
By , Glen Ellyn, IL
Is it so wrong of you,
So unjust,
To wish, to hope.
To meld your appearance into the form of a “typical human”?
The Elephant Man senses shame
Do my eyes decieve me?
Have you no heart?
But your forked tongue slithers out the word “Yes”
When the carnival men ask you for your coins
And the freak show begins.
And your mind is swirling, uncanny with sick pleasure
Of the abnormal
Do you feel no wrong? Throwing your head back at the conjoined twins?
At Eng and Chang?
Or have you always been so one-sided.
Born with natural beauty, you scoff at those who are different
But your narrow-minded soul has a difference all of its own
And you feel your hot blood pulsing, steaming
Boasting of it’s normalcracy, it’s king-like qualities
Over the white blood of the bearded lady.
Who feels no shame, or indifference
Yes, you are much more powerful and beautiful, showing off your glittering golden coins
But the carnival man shakes his head at you
And your blood is pulsing faster
For you know you are nothing without your looks, your big shiny car, and sweet smelling perfumes
And the Elephant Man dances around you with a look of sheer happiness
A feeling of which you’ve never experienced
And then you’re in the hospital, moaning
Grabbing onto your tousled hair and screaming
O, screaming
Until your neck pops and your shivering
But you feel no difference and envy the freaks,
Alive with jealousy.
And you’ve lost the nothing you’ve never had.

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