I Am Life

September 30, 2009
By Austin Mead BRONZE, San Diego, California
Austin Mead BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I Am Life:

I am the white bird that just got hit by your car
I am the reader that writes books too much
I am the plane plummeting into the underwater typhoon
I am the piece of homework that was just digested by your dog
I am the ghost of your ancestors, sent to protect you everyday
I am the blade that ended the Roman Empire and the bullet that started the revolution
I am the root that is spoiling all your water and wasting away your food
I am the one broken nail that is holding up your home
I am the weight that is keep your boat afloat
I am the executioner that doomed you to life on earth
I am the lost soul that has given you death
I am the very thing that you created
I am the very thing you fear
I am life

The author's comments:
this was an english assignment, i felt i did great on it. its one of the only pieces of work i actually like

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