I am what I am

September 28, 2009
By Whicho0014 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Whicho0014 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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I am what I am
A innocent boy who’s parents wants him
To get a good education, and telling him to do
good in school and pushing him to the

I am what I am
A unique boy with
Super powers to chew
A lot of bubble gum.

I am what I am
A friendly and nice
Guy who’s always
Doing something
To in spiral some

I am what I am
A boy with a vision
That sometimes see’s
Double, like 2 identical

Iam what I am
A kid who’s sometimes
is getting in trouble ,
for eating eating the cookies
that are not mine, or wasting all the
hot water.

I am what I am
Not what other
people think I am.

I am what I am………...

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