The Angel

September 28, 2009
By DorkFace17 BRONZE, Grove City, Ohio
DorkFace17 BRONZE, Grove City, Ohio
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She’s like the whisper in the morning
The dew on my breath
She’s the forever that I wished for
When I had nothing left
She takes away the ignorance
And replaces it with hope
She’s the only thing
In which I won’t let go
She’s the reason I believe
That God resides above
She’s the only thing I’ll ever need
She’s the reason to my love
When blessed to be forgotten
I wake without a care
She’s the smiling angel
That will always be there
When she landed upon my threshold
Weak and undermine
I took her in my arms
And stitched her wings with mine
She smiled with eyes
As dark as weeping nights
But that smile was a cry for help
To aid her in this fight
Blood trickled down her chin
And streamed down her shaking arms
Where was I to help her?
To keep her from this harm
The mystery began
When she came upon my world
I couldn’t understand
My attachment to this girl
The way the wind does whisper
Was all but a lie to me?
I felt it coming closer
As I began to bleed
She lifted my chin in darkness
And showed me to the heaven’s dream
She asked for my hand in forever
And said that she loved me
She still bestows upon my feet
Kissing the marbled floors
And when she knocked a thousand times
I finally opened the door
Who am I to judge?
An angel who only cared
One who I kept turning away
When she was truly scared
Who was I to try to forget?
What she really meant to me
When every time I turned around
I knew she was breaking
What was I to do?
When she folded at the seems
How was I to know?
I was only in her dreams
I finally found my savior
The reason I can’t fade
I’ll keep her here forever
If she wants to stay
Because even though I cursed her
She still let me in
She promised me forever
To the very end
What are second chances?
When you’re nothing but a fool
When I did not deserve
Such a sparkling jewel
She is all I live for
Each and everyday
And everyday I hope
That she’ll never go away

The author's comments:
This is about someone very important to me in my life

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on Oct. 11 2009 at 1:24 pm
your poem was beautiful. =]


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