Untitled MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   corrupt enough to explode

from the outside in

But all that I really want to do is

SPIN until I trip across the room

into your arms

into your forms of love

that I'll never comprehend

You always manage to make

the cycle end

or break in some damaging way

and someday, SOMEDAY

you will pay

You'll get your own little knot

in your chest - make sure it's doubly blest

and make sure I don't notice any affection

or any good attention

I'm celebrating my independence,

care to join? Care to steal it away

from me? Care to make my hostility?

And then I'll sing with these cool angels

that AREN'T catholic

but are ECLECTIC

and subjective

I've become quite prospective

since I've realize just how much

I want to leave and I will some day

I will make my soul safe from everything

she's been thrown into or out of

or WHO knows if it's enough or not

I mean I'm going crazy but hey,

that's okay because I'm safe from any pain

I'd notice in my sanity.

I'm getting kind of panicky

I'll survive and if I don't - oh well.

They'll stick me in one of those

homes for "crazy" teenagers and

that'll fix me good I'm sure

They'll make me pure and

unlonely unhomely engrossed

by floating faeries flying

around my head But instead

I'll pretend they're not there

and make sure I'll never be bare

enough for people to actually see me.

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