Monster MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Where's the beast we call

A monster

I'll tell you all

It lives in you, all persons

Being one with a conscious thought pattern

You find a dislike for someone

You never even met.

Something said

Something done

Have you ever done anything wrong?

Right to you, wrong to me.

An eye for an eye

Violate a choice that's not yours

You've got five fingers, one heart

One nose, and two eyes like

Me and the man of color greed

You are greedy of what you are

But you my friend are nothing

Nothing but a slave of


You seemed nice to me

The funny thing is,

Is that if you were

Alone, you wouldn't feel

The same.

I was a victim of this

Biased for my thinking once before

I'm sorry

I wish I had a time machine.

So I practice what I preach

You should try it.

There's a bus coming, you should

Take a ride, oh but

You should sit in the back

Tell me the difference.

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