Hold Tight MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   My friend,

These long winter days

hobble slowly onward,

always pressing forward.

I look longingly toward the summer

when we can doze, looking at the sky.

We are caught on a merry-go-round,

going faster and faster

yet going nowhere.

The speed does not excite us,

it seems to only drain us.

Our smiles are strained,

our hands tensed

and clenched

around the cold metal bars.

I wish summer were here,

so we can drag our feet lazily

in the deep ruts we earlier made in the ground.

Sitting together we can take our time

soaking up the languid sun.

Smiles will appear freely and often upon our lips

as we reflect upon the times we have shared.

But we must be patient.

We must wait

for our spinning to slow.

Our death grip is still needed

to keep us from being

flung off

away from each other;

away from the rest of the world.

Soon we will be able to relax,

to smile.

To smile freely ...



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