Pain :[

September 24, 2009
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It is Friday night its time
He thinks he should but no he rather
He just wants the pain to go away
First he took a deep breath the entered
He stepped into the door
He thinks to himself I just want to get wasted
I want to get rid of her memory that haunts me
He looks to be 18 but no he’s older
The pain is hard to control the he wants to die
every time he goes to sleep he sees white
The true color of death
He wishes every night he could have returned
Then there would be no pain as she would be here
He drinks for all the people
Her loved ones, friends, and anyone else
He wishes he can hear her laughter
It would make the pain go away
Anberlin was only fifteen
She died because of the love she had for him but he did not return
Why oh why dose he feel so unbalanced?

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